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Kaplanlar is a company that has a long history in the successful procurement of cabinets to the retail market. It possesses extensive knowledge on the production of refrigeration cabinets for professional use. The quality of its products is of the highest level and the products incorporate technologies that do not harm the environment. Kaplanlar treats its clients and its employees as partners, and its goal is to maximize the profit earned collectively by all the partners.

Our moral principles depict the way, with which we operate and pose the standard, on which we base the servicing of our clients. Our goal is to produce products, which combine the low cost of acquisition to the high manufacturing quality.

The quality of our products is instructed by the principles of our business conduct. We protect our trademark by involving continuously our products and by setting ever higher standards.

We increase the efficiency of our operations by reducing their cost. Our power lies in our ability to organize an efficient line of production, which matches our current capability to our resource and funding.

Our products comply with EU standards for quality, which is certified by ISO 9001, ISO 14001, GOST, Stankosert, TUV - CE.

In our work, we believe that coordination is a vital feature. The more our decisiveness increases, the more we reach our vision. To our clients’ request we respond immediately and decisively. We can be very adaptive and we alter our business strategy, according to market conditions. Our entrepreneurial goal states that in order to succeed, we are demanded to be dynamic in the production process and to listen thoroughly to comments made by our employees and clients.