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2M Hellas
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Your partner in 360 degrees

Cooperation at 360 degrees

        2M Hellas is an innovative company, a partner for your investment in the super markets’ business in Greece.

        Our philosophy is based on the belief that the implementation of technically advanced solutions in the super markets’ business can be combined with their low acquisition’s cost.

        Our success in the market is proven by the development of our clients, after the investment is ended, through the achievement of a fundamental improvement in the organisation of our clients’ companies.

        Our goal is to be a reliable partner to our clients throughout the whole investment’s process and after its finalization to ensure the best possible outcome.

        We offer our cooperation in a spectrum of products and services that are required for the set-up of a super market store and we are highly specialized in investments of this kind and not only by procuring the equipments’ products.

        Our specialization in the business of super markets, gives us the possibility to develop solutions and products, which target in the formation of a viable and successful company, and not just in the procurement of equipment.

        Our work is judged by the total success of our clients’ company and not by the success of the investment’s stage!

        This is why we strive to protect the interest of our clients in every phase of our cooperation, a cooperation in 360 degrees.

        The quality of our work is a result of our profound know-how, which allows us to offer the most quality choices, according to the cost which our client has budgeted.

        We cooperate with some of the most innovative companies for the shop-fitting and refrigeration, thus ensuring the provision of an extensive array of choices to the clients, in the lowest cost possible!

        Our work in the procurement of equipment is conditioned in our belief that the success is judged by the provision of solutions, which combine the desired by the client features and the pledge for their future performance.

        Our deep knowledge in the professional refrigeration has helped us to find and propose solutions, which offer the lowest possible energy consumption by using the most modern technologic operations. We have established the view that the benefits for our clients can be significant in the energy consumption and that it can be combined with the low acquisition cost of equipment.

        Furthermore, we provide to our clients a wide range of shop-fitting equipment in order to set-up a modern store in cooperation with the most dynamic companies worldwide. The variety of our products allows us to provide an array of unlimited choices in a store’s set-up.

        Thus, we offer a cooperation of 360 degrees by providing 100% specialized solution companies of the super market sector.